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In-company workshop: How to deal with stress of employees

Work stress is the number 1 reason for absenteeism. That is why burn-out is a very topical theme for employers. The World Health Organization calls mental health the occupational risk of the near future. 1 in 3 employees is already experiencing too much work pressure. On average, it is assumed that 15 – 20% of employees will experience a burnout.
The consequences of this are enormous. The workload for colleagues is increasing because an employee drops out. For a manager it leads to extra pressure to achieve the goals. Long-term excessive work pressure can also lead to less effort and motivation, poor performance and a negative work climate. For the organization, this means, in addition to all social aspects, considerable extra costs.

Unfortunately, stress complaints are not or far too late reported by managers and HR employees. Research also shows that in some cases employees are not taken seriously if they indicate at an early stage that they are dealing with stress complaints. The result is overload and in many cases long-term failure due to burnout.

Breaking the vicious circle

We have investigated why it is difficult for employers and employees to get out of this vicious circle. This shows that communication is the biggest stumbling block for both parties.

Because how do you make this topic a topic for discussion with an employee where you notice the first symptoms? How do you respond adequately to an employee who indicates that things are getting too much?

Focus Burn-out Treatment offers a workshop for managers and HR professionals in which communication about work stress and burn-out is central. Learn to recognize work stress and the resulting burnout among employees at an early stage and learn to deal with it adequately. Learn how to discuss work stress-related complaints and get tips on how to take preventive measures to prevent burnout and long-term dropout.

What will you learn in this workshop?

  • As a manager or HR employee you learn to recognize stress, threat of overload and burn-out among employees
  • You learn how to make it a topic for discussion by roleplay
  • You will learn how best to tackle stress related symptoms together with your employee
  • You learn when it is wise to call in an expert
  • You learn how you can contribute to a successful recovery

Practical information

  • The workshop lasts 1 day and is given in-company
  • The investment is € 1.995,- excl. BTW for a maximum of 3 employees
  • The investment is excl. travel expenses and materials

Coaching of managers & HR professionals

As described above, communication is often the biggest stumbling block around this topic. However, it is more challenging for some than for others. That is why we offer, specifically for managers and HR employees, coaching in the field of communication and also informative coaching about psychology.

Prior to the coaching, the objectives are first mapped out and on the basis of this a plan is drawn up and the number of sessions that are desirable to achieve the intended goal is clear.

The costs per hour are € 150 excluding VAT

More information?

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