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Get to know your real driving force in 12 weeks

Focus Burn-out Treatment sees burn-out as a valuable experience. Many people who have been treated with us say that this burnout was a turning point in their lives.

This burn-out was the best thing that ever happened to me. I now know what is really important to me and how I want to spend my life. The clarity that Focus Burn-out Treatment gave me laid the foundation for the peace that I now experience.

Merel, Sales manager corporate accounts

Do you want to know how we can ensure that you will experience this as well? Research and discover why you have come to this point with the help of our professionals during our 12-week recovery program. What were your pitfalls? Did you always do what you wanted or did you do what you thought was expected of you? Get to know your real driving force in 12 weeks and determine the course of your future!

Our unique Focus Burn-out Treatment

Focus Burn-out Treatment offers a unique 12-week recovery program that focuses on all different aspects of the ailment:

Reduce complaints

Strengthening mental capacity

Examining personal goals

Learning to prevent a new burnout

The 12-week recovery program is active, effective and personalised and consists of various standard components (complaint reduction, cognitive therapy and coaching and relapse prevention). Based on your wishes and needs, this is expanded with additional modules (running therapy, yoga, mindfulness, relaxation, job coaching, nutritional advice and personal training.)

Active means that an active commitment is required of you. During the sessions, you and your therapist decide which steps you want to take. After each session you will be given homework assignments. The main goal is that changes are going to take place in your life at home and at work.

Effective means that the treatment is aimed at reducing your current complaints and enabling you to resume work without developing burnout symptoms again.

Personalized means that the treatment focuses on those points where you need change. The parts that are essential for you are tailor-made.


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