Burn-out treatment

Cognitive therapy

The form of treatment used during the coaching sessions in the 12-week recovery program is cognitive therapy. This form of therapy is based on the idea that the way you think affects how you feel. Cognition therefore means “thought”, examining the influence of your thoughts forms the basis for the therapy. It helps you to become aware of (negative) thoughts and the accompanying feelings. This way you learn to deal with the habits that ultimately led to this burnout in a different way.

Planning & time-management

Planning is a big stumbling block for many people who eventually develop a burn-out. During the 12-week recovery program, extensive attention is paid to how you can better structure and plan your life. This makes you less likely to cave in, and you are better prepared for stressful situations. The peace this brings ensures the prevention of a new burnout.

Conflict management

Conflicts at work and in your personal life are not uncommon; it is inevitable to have disagreements or discussions with your colleagues, family or friends. However, conflicts are not necessarily negative and can be constructive if they lead to creative solutions. During the 12-week recovery program, we will teach you the basic forms of good conflict management.

Body & mind

Recovering from a burn-out is not only about gaining insight into your thoughts and emotions, but also about self-care. During the 12-week recovery program we focus on, among other things, running therapy, relaxation, yoga and mindfulness. With this information you actively work on increasing your (physical) capacity.

We only work with treatment methods that are scientifically proven to be effective and that are in line with Dutch guidelines.


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