Burn-out symptoms

What is a burn-out?

Having a burn-out often means that you feel fatigued or exhausted for a long time, that you no longer have the energy to undertake things and, for example, are apprehensive of social contact.
In addition, it may be that you’re unable to remember everything like you’re used to, you are unable to concentrate like you’re used to, you become irritated more quickly and you no longer sleep as soundly as before.
This is usually accompanied by physical complaints, such as muscle pains, abdominal complaints, dizziness and headaches. People with burn-out complaints also often have a rushed feeling, they cry more easily, they sleep poorly and worry a lot. We call it a burn-out when a combination of the described complaints arise after a long period of high work pressure or the long-term experience of work stress.
People with a burn-out often describe this as their battery running out, constantly in too high a gear or stretching a rubber band until it snaps.

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