Clarity for the employer

What Does Focus Burnout Treatment Offer?

The added value of Focus Burn-out Treatment is to create clarity about what is actually going on with the employee, how long the recovery process will take and what the outcome of this process will be. Time, money and energy are invested in the reintegration of the employee affected by burnout, so it is nice that the employer knows where he stands. The most important questions for the employer are: will the employee return? If so, in what time frame? If not, how can a suitable solution be found together as quickly as possible? Not only the employer benefits from answers to these questions, but the employee also benefits enormously from this in the process towards recovery. Whatever the outcome.

Both employer and employee have an obligation to cooperate in a quick and healthy return. Focus Burn-out Treatment works as efficiently as possible to achieve this goal.

 Our employee was helped quickly and adequately by the Focus Burn-out Treatment team. Immediately after the intake, it became clear how long the process would take and how motivated our employee was to get back to work with us. This allowed us to properly anticipate the weeks of absence, minimizing productivity loss and additional costs compared to previous cases.

Sophie, director financial sector

We provide the correct diagnosis

Starting January 1st 2012, burn-out treatments were no longer reimbursed by the health insurer and burn-out treatment has disappeared from the care offered by regular mental health care. As a result, the quality of the care provided does not always match the severity of the complaints. Focus Burn-out Treatment bridges the gap between specialist mental health care and burn-out treatment. Because the intake is done by a supervising psychologist who works at Focus GGZ, an institution for specialist mental health care, we can guarantee that the correct diagnosis is made and therefore the correct care is offered: Burn-out treatment 2.0.

Cost break-down

A treatment at Focus Burn-out Treatment is always started in collaboration with the employee, the employer and/or company doctor. If after the intake it appears that there is a burn-out, the 12-week recovery program is started, which focuses on all the different aspects of the ailment:

 Reducing complaints

 Strengthening the mental resilience

 Examining personal goals

 Learning to prevent a new burn-out

The 12-week recovery program is active, effective and personalised and consists of various standard components (complaint reduction, cognitive therapy and coaching and relapse prevention). Based on your wishes and needs, this is expanded with additional modules (running therapy, yoga, mindfulness, relaxation, job coaching, nutritional advice and personal training.)

The costs for this are € 3,950 excl. btw.

Because the treatment of burn-out is no longer reimbursed by the health insurer since 2012, the costs for a 12-week recovery program are paid by the employer.

If there is a psychological disorder such as anxiety or depression, a referral is made to Focus GGZ, an institution for specialist mental health care. Focus GGZ currently has short waiting times. The client can start treatment quickly. The costs for this treatment are fully reimbursed by the clients health insurer.


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