How we work

If, after reading our website, you feel that you have come to the right place, you can register via our website or by telephone. The process is done in 4 steps:

1. Registration

Registration takes place by completing the registration form, via a referral from a general practitioner or company doctor or the employer. You can also contact us by phone or email. After a phone consultation with one of our employees, an optional intake will be reserved in the schedule. The intake will only take place once the employer has agreed to reimburse the treatment. We do this to avoid disappointment and also not to waste unnecessary time in your process.
After planning the optional intake, we will gladly get in touch with the employer and the company doctor to introduce ourselves and to include ourselves in the process. This allows them to make a good decision whether or not to reimburse the treatment.

2. Intake

The intake is done by a supervising psychologist who works at Focus GGZ, so we guarantee the correct diagnosis and therefore the appropriate treatment.
If a burn-out is established during the intake, the 12-week recovery program of Focus Burn-out Treatment is started. However, if a different diagnosis is made, for example a depression or an anxiety disorder, we will refer you to Focus GGZ or another suitable provider.

3. Treatment

The 12-week recovery program is active, effective and personalised and consists of various standard components (complaint reduction, cognitive therapy and coaching and relapse prevention). Based on your wishes and needs, this is expanded with additional modules (running therapy, yoga, mindfulness, relaxation, job coaching, nutritional advice and personal training.)

4. After care

We strive to help you as best we can, but we also know that you can always run into things after you have finished your treatment with us. That is why we offer the possibility to always contact us when things are going on that you cannot figure out yourself.

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